Narendra Modi will be good PM: Yashwant

New Delhi: Senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha on Thursday said Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi will make a good Prime Minister but that there was no dearth of talent in the party when it comes to choosing a candidate for the top post.

"Whether he (Modi) will make a good PM, yes. If he has given a good administration to Gujarat then clearly he can give a good administration to India. But having said that, there is no dearth of talent in the BJP and there are many who can fit the bill," Sinha told agency in reply to a question.

Modi is being seen as a possible Prime Ministerial candidate for the BJP in the next general elections after the Supreme Court verdict on September 12 in the Gulbarga Society riot case.

Modi had got reprieve from the Supreme Court which refused to pass any order on his alleged inaction to contain riots in 2002 and left it to the concerned magistrate's court to decide the course of action against him on the basis of the SIT report.

"It is not a question of how I see him or you see him. How the Prime Ministers in the past have come to occupy that position, they have been projected by the party as potential prime ministerial candidates, and they have come to occupy that position. Then the people of India have reposed confidence in that leadership...It is not a question of individual thinking," Sinha said.

Sinha was not quite impressed with a US report which claims Modi has given good governance to Gujarat but felt Congress should have shown more maturity in its reaction.

"I don't think we have got over the colonial hangover yet, despite 64 years of independent existence. Therefore, anything which comes from the West is lapped up as God's Own Truth," he said when asked about US praise for Modi.

He said the fact that Modi has given Gujarat an "outstandingly clean and effective governance" is being talked about by everybody.

"That UPA regime is mired in corruption is something which is already known. We don't have to celebrate an American certificate for this. I neither take the US criticism nor US praise without a pinch of salt. Congress should have reacted... in a more mature fashion," Sinha said.