Modi's fast for self-publicity: Tushar Gandhi

Mumbai: Criticising Narendra Modi's fast, Mahatma Gandhi's great grandson Tushar Gandhi on Saturday said while selflessness marked Bapu's fast, Gujarat Chief Minister's was for "self-publicity".

"There is only self-publicity and me, myself in this fast," Tushar said.

"There is no repentance or any sign of remorse in the fast. Modi said when people pelted him with stones, he used that to create the ladder of development. But, in reality, what he meant was he created a ladder to Delhi," he said.

Tushar also disapproved of the televised blessings Modi sought from his mother before going to the fast venue.

"In Bapu's times, there was a different connotation to fast as a weapon.... now the trend is different. Bapu's fast was with a selfless objective," he said.