‘Terrorists are like mosquitoes; hard to control’

New Delhi: The entire top police brass broke into peels of laughter when a senior official of Maharashtra -- which has bore the brunt of militant strikes -- termed terrorists as "mosquitoes" who are difficult either to be controlled or killed.

Delivering lecture on "Urban Terrorism" during a meeting of Directors General and Inspectors General, the senior police official said it was "easier to kill seven lions" but killing or capturing terrorists was like mosquitoes, where the success rate is very low.

The officer was addressing the country's top brass at the just-concluded three-day conference organised by Intelligence Bureau.

The official took a veiled dig at intelligence inputs received from central security agencies and said that often during his stint he had received notes suggesting 10 terrorists had entered into Mumbai city and added that finding them was like locating a pin in a haystack.

He likened terrorists to mosquitoes and said as it is difficult to control them. It was equally difficult to prevent them from entering a city, a statement which saw the entire hall in the Vigyan Bhavan bursting into laughter.