Toll plaza attendant shot dead for Rs 27

Toll plaza attendant shot dead for Rs 27 Gurgaon: In a brazen act, a young attendant at a Toll plaza here was shot dead by passengers in a car a little past midnight when he asked for the toll fee of Rs 27 from them, police said on Friday.

According to Gurgaon Police Commissioner SS Deswal, 22-year-old attendant Umesh Kumar Pandey had asked for the toll tax from the car owners at around 12:30 am at Kheri Daula.

The car owners refused to pay and insisted that they be allowed to go. When Umesh insisted for the payment, an occupant in the car owner took out a revolver and fired at him from point blank range.

The bullet pierced his neck, resulting in his spot death, he said.

The police have registered an FIR against unknown persons and got the CCTV footage to trace the culprits.