Delhi building collapse: Politicians face protests

New Delhi: The site of the building collapse in Old Delhi saw protests on Wednesday morning by angry locals who claimed that the nexus between politicians, MCD officials and police allowed rampant illegal construction in their locality, even as rescue operations continued.

Chandni Mahal saw women leading sloganeering against the authorities, alleging that politicians and officials were "filling their pockets" by allowing the illegal structures to come up.

In Pics: Delhi building collapse

Two buildings in the locality, which has congested lanes, collapsed at around 8 pm yesterday due to construction activity in one of them, killing seven persons and causing injuries to at least 25 others. Locals claim that the construction in one of the buildings that collapsed could be illegal.

"All are hand-in-glove. Police and MCD officials take money and allow illegal construction. The buildings are very old and no care is taken," said Abida, a local woman.

Shadra, another woman, said officials turn their eyes from illegal activities while "poor people like us suffer."

The policemen who came to evict the protesters near the site to facilitate rescue operations were heckled and shouted at by the women who asked them not to "dare to remove us".

The protests not withstanding, locals also helped rescue workers in clearing the debris and look for any survivors in the concrete rubble. However, the narrow lanes hampered the pace of the rescue work.