Youth jailed for 7 yrs for bus conductor death

New Delhi: A murder convict, already serving life term, has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment for pushing to death the conductor of a bus owned by his father from the vehicle's roof during a scuffle in 2004.

Additional Sessions Judge Kaveri Baweja awarded Bijender Kumar the jail term for unintentionally killing conductor Satender after snatching Rs 1000 from him when he was sleeping on the vehicle's roof.

"I am convinced that the allegations against the accused (Kumar) have been duly established on record. The prosecution has been able to establish that it was Kumar, who on the intervening night of May 28-29, 2004 pushed Satender, who was sleeping on the roof of the bus, which ultimately resulted in his death," said the judge.

Referring to Kumar's conviction and sentencing in another murder case during this period, the court termed the facts of the case as "rather peculiar."

Holding Kumar, a Baljeet Nagar resident, guilty of culpable homicide not amounting to murder, the court said it was apparent that Kumar while pushing Satender from the bus roof had the knowledge that his act was likely to cause his death but he had no intention to kill him.

The incident occurred on May 28, 2004 night when Satender, working as a conductor in a bus of Kumar's father, was sleeping on the vehicle roof in Prasad Nagar area.

According to police, Kumar pushed him down from the vehicle roof while during a scuffle to snatch Rs 1000 from him. Satender was rushed to hospital and he died after three months.

The court convicted Kumar rejecting his plea that neither did he knew Satender nor did the bus belong to him.

"It has also come on record that Dharampal Gujjar, father of Kumar, was taking care of all the expenses of treatment of deceased Satender till the time he remained in the hospital, which he would not have done otherwise," the court said.

"Surely no person would make any arrangements for providing medical help to a total stranger," it added.