On Dussehra, Nepal Prez seeks end to discord

Kathmandu: Nepal President Ram Baran Yadav used the occasion of Vijay Dashmi on day to appeal to the country's warring political parties to get to the task of concluding the peace process and the drafting of the new constitution.

In his message to the nation on the festival, the president has "drawn the attention of all concerned towards not causing any further delay in concluding the peace process and drafting the constitution as per the aspirations of the people".

In the midst of intense political differences, Nepal is struggling to conclude its once promising peace process.

In fact, all political leaders, including Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai, sent out messages today to seek an end to the political discord.

In his message, the Prime Minister expressed hope that the festival would help in strengthening the peace and mutual goodwill in the country.

"I call upon all Nepalese people, living at home and abroad to move forward on the path of duty and bestow them peace, prosperity and good health by forgetting mutual discord and animosity," the prime minister stated in his message.

The President also stressed the need to preserve the cultural heritage of Nepal to help in promoting brotherhood, reconciliation and good relations among people of various languages, cultures and traditions.

Besides, he also sought help for the families affected by the recent earthquake, floods and landslides.

Seeking to promote unity and goodwill, Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala said the country can be rid of the ills of disease, hunger and poverty only through the collective endeavour and collaboration of all people.

He also said that the festival should be used as an opportunity to review the past and correct mistakes.

Former King Gyanendra Shah also sent out a message on the occasion, asking people to work towards consolidating democracy.

"Consolidating democracy is as important as making people feel that this is a system that improves their quality of life and gives them boundless opportunities," the former monarch observed.

President Yadav and the former King met a large number of people, including political leaders, officials and journalists on the occasion, and applid vermilion on their foreheads.