Jha defends BJP’s protest against Kulaste arrest

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh BJP president Prabhat Jha on Sunday justified the agitation for the release of former party MP Phaggan Singh Kulaste, who has been jailed in connection with the cash-for-vote scam.

"I do not think that BJP is doing anything wrong in demanding Kulaste's release," Jha said.

He maintained that BJP was not committing a contempt of court by demanding Kulaste's release, as it was only protesting the police's decision to arrest Kulaste.

The BJP leader also said that by getting Kulaste arrested, the Congress was, in a way, committing excesses against the SCs and STs in the state.

Jha also said that it was incomprehensible why his Congress counterpart in the state, Kantilal Bhuria, said that the money for the scam was sent from Madhya Pradesh.

Till date the Delhi Police had not found the source of money, Jha pointed out, adding that police must question Bhuria and find out the basis of this allegation.