Sri Ram Sene behind my assault: Prashant

New Delhi: Lawyer-activist Prashant Bhushan on Wednesday accused right-wing group Sri Ram Sene of being responsible for the assault on him and demanded a ban as well as social boycott of the outfit.

"This is an organisation which needs to be socially boycotted and perhaps banned by the government. Such an organisation has no right to exist legally," Bhushan said addressing a press conference.

"Sriram Sene is known for its goondaism and unprovoked assault on unarmed people. This is their trademark which they had showed in Bangalore when they beat up many boys and girls outside some restaurants and pubs. They have been known to beat up girls who wear skirts," he said.

Giving an account of the assault on him, he said a group of three youths, one claiming to be the state chief of the outfit, barged into his chamber and assaulted him with "fists and kicks".

"They were shouting something about Kashmir but did not bother to discuss anything with me," he said.

Bhushan said the youth who was arrested has been identified as one Indervir who claims to be the state president of Sri Ram Sene.

Asking supporters and well wishers not to resort to any violence against members of the Sri Ram Sene, he said answer to violence is not violence.

"There will be legal proceedings against these people. One of them has been arrested...There should be legal proceedings but certainly not violence against the members of the organisation," he said.

Comparing the modus operandi of the outfit with that of Hitler's Germany, he said strong action should be taken against such elements.

"In Hitler's Germany, storm troopers go out and beat anybody who do not agree with them. These kind of things should be stopped," he said.