Centre's help required for 'vibrant' Arunachal: CM

New Delhi: Seeking large "dose of investment" from the Centre in Arunachal Pradesh, Chief Minister Jarobam Gamlin on Saturday said no stone should be left unturned in improving infrastructure in the "strategically important" state.

Addressing the National Development Council here, Gamlin sought adequate central assistance during the 12th Five Year Plan period, saying people want to realise the dream of "a vibrant Arunachal" on par with areas they see across the border.

"Our strengths are Hindi-speaking and fiercely patriotic population and their dream of realising a self-reliant and vibrant Arunachal Pradesh on par with areas they see across the border in terms of development," he said.

Noting that the state government does not have adequate resource to build key infrastructure, he said every effort must be made to improve infrastructure in the border state.

"About 1,700 km long international border and irrational claims by an international neighbour makes it obligatory on our part to leave no stone unturned in the development of this area," he said.

"Arunachal Pradesh is strategically a very important state and it is 'special' even within the special category states," he said, adding that "the people of this sensitive border state will forever cherish" the attention given by the Centre.

Highlighting the vast potential of hydro-electric projects, he said the state government has envisaged a capacity addition of 10,000 MW of power during the 12th Plan period. He said the estimated potential for power generation through hydro-electric projects in the state is 57,000 MW.

Gamlin, seeking better transport connectivity, said the government has set a target of 12 per cent growth during the 12th Plan period.