Sri Lanka must stop attacks on Indian fishermen

Madurai: Terming repeated attacks on Indian fishermen by Sri Lankan Navy as a national issue, BJP leader LK Advani on Friday said the government should firmly ask Colombo to put an end to them.

"Sri Lanka must be told firmly that the repeated attacks on Indian fishermen must end," he told reporters here.

Advani also said the victims must be adequately compensated.

"It should not be regarded as a local matter as it does not relate to Tamil Nadu only. It must be regarded as a part of the national strategy and the government must evolve a plan on how to deal with it," he said.

"The repeated attacks on Tamil fishermen by Sri Lankan Navy and security forces is deeply reprehensible. The government of India must take up the issue in an effective and forthright manner to prevent the recurrence of such deplorable incidents," Advani said.

Advani said that all Tamil refugees in Sri Lanka must be rehabilitated with dignity and security along with due recognition of their democratic rights.