Bodies of Indian sailors to be buried in Oman

Dubai: The bodies of four Indian sailors, who died after their ship sank off the southern coast of Oman last week, will be buried in the Sultanate after being recovered in a decomposed state.

The ship MSV Shiv Sagar MNV 2169 with 15 Indian crew members on board went down near the southern Dhofar region of Oman on November 1.

While six sailors were rescued by Oman's naval forces, five are still missing besides the four bodies that were recovered.

"The bodies, which are kept in Sultan Qaboos Hospital in Salalah, are in a decomposed state. It cannot be identified and are not in a condition to be sent back to India," Manpreet Singh, Indian Embassy's consular agent in Salalah, said.

"The burial will be held soon. A lot of paper work has to be done before the burial," Singh told Times of Oman.

The Indian sailors had travelled from Dubai and were headed towards Salalah when they were caught up in strong winds. The southern Dhofar region was recently hit by torrential rains that caused flooding.

The dead bodies were recovered from the Sadah coast and were taken to the government hospital in Sadah.

"We received the dead bodies on November 5. All the bodies were in a decomposed state. Even other members of the crew couldn't identify the bodies," the newspaper quoted a source from Sadah hospital as saying.

The bodies were later shifted to Sultan Qaboos Hospital in Salalah.

The six sailors, who were rescued, were provided first aid and were shifted to a company guest house in Salalah.

The nine sailors who could not be rescued have been identified as Captain Prabhulal, Engineer Suresh, Lalji, Bharat, Mohan Mehta, Ashraf Asam, Yusuf Saamra, Suleiman Haji Sumara and Hussain Sumaraa.