Bailout needed for aam admi, not for airlines: BJP

New Delhi: BJP on Saturday came out strongly against any government attempt to bail out debt-ridden Kingfisher Airlines, saying it is not the private sector which needs to be rescued but the common man who is facing the brunt of price rise and corruption.

"The problem with Kingfisher airline is due to its own mismanagement. There are some airlines which are making profits while some are running losses. But government is not required to bail out the loss making units," BJP spokesperson and former aviation minister Shahnawaz Hussain told PTI.

He also insisted that Kingfisher Airlines does not need a bailout from the government.

"A bailout is needed for the aam admi (common man) who is bearing the brunt of huge corruption and price rise under the UPA government. But it appears the government is more keen on bailing out an airline and not the common man," Hussain said.

Aviation Minister Vyalar Ravi had indicated that the government may explore ways to help Kingfisher Airlines.

Yesterday, BJP leader Yashwant Sinha had also said there was no ground for the government to help the ailing airline.

"There is no case for a government bailout. Kingfisher Airlines can merge with another airline, or sell-off or whatever...," Sinha had said.

He insisted that the pre-liberalisation practice of the government taking over a sick private sector unit and running it at a huge loss to the exchequer has been given up.