Abhijeet Barman new ULFA 'chairman'

Guwahati: The anti-talk faction of ULFA has appointed Abhijeet Barman, the new 'chairman' of the outfit replacing Arabinda Rajkhowa, who is now in peace talks with the government.

The outfit's 'mobile office' unanimously passed a resolution appointing Abhijeet Barman the new chairman in place of Arabinda Rajkhowa as part of reconstitution of the 16-member central committee, the faction's Information and Publicity in-charge Arunodoy Dohotiya said in an email.

Paresh Barua has given himself both 'political and armed powers' and has been appointed vice-chairman while retaining his earlier designation of 'commander-in-chief', the email said.

Barua had announced that the committee would be reconstituted as several top leaders of the earlier one arrested and later given bail, were currently negotiating with the government against the constitution of the outfit.

The pro-talk faction led by Arabinda Rajkhowa, however, said Barua, who leads the anti-talk faction and remains elusive, has no authority to constitute a new committee.

The members of the new central committee include associate general secretary and finance secretary in-charge Jibon Moran along with two deputy commanders-in-chief Dristi Rajkhowa and Bijoy Das, beside others.