Illegal constructions: 10 time rise in case registration

New Delhi: Delhiites may not be impressed with the efforts of police and civic bodies in checking illegal construction in the capital but statistics show a sharp rise in cases and arrests this year.

According to official figures, 157 cases were registered this year so far in connection with illegal constructions in which 187 people were arrested.

"This figure is a quantum jump from the past few years and one has to remember that this figure is only for the first ten months of the year," a senior police official said.

Last year, there were only 59 cases registered in this connection while the number of arrests were 67. The figure was 41 and 49 for the same in 2009. In 2008, the number of cases was at a dismal 13 and number of arrests at 20.

"There is more than double increase compared to last year and ten times more than what was registered in 2008," the official said.

The official said whenever any unauthorised construction is noticed, action is taken by the agency concerned such as MCD. A nodal steering committee also has been set up by Delhi High Court to monitor unauthorised constructions.