Blueline driver gets life for assaulting woman

New Delhi: A Blueline bus driver, who brutally assaulted a Kashmiri migrant girl with a meat chopper after she refused to marry him, has been sentenced to life imprisonment by a Delhi court which described him as a "psychopath and sexually perverted beast".

Additional Sessions Judge Rakesh Tiwari sentenced West Delhi resident Mahman Singh to life imprisonment for abducting Monica and attacking her with a meat chopper after she refused to marry him. After inflicting over 80 injuries on the girl's body, Singh had set ablaze the room in which he had kept her.

"From the ghastly acts of violence which he has committed with the victim, (it's clear) the convict is a sadist of third degree, a psychopath and sexually perverted beast and he can go to any extent with this state of affairs of his mind to do any wrong either to himself or to the members of the society," the court said.

The court convicted Singh, taking note of Monica's deposition that he continued to write letters to her even from jail and terrorised her during his trial.

"The convict did not stop here as he has no remorse or repentance and even after committing the crime, he continued to write letters from judicial custody in jail to the house of the victim so as to create a terror in the victim's mind," it said.

The prosecution said that Monica, who worked as a computer operator at Karol Bagh, used to travel from her residence in Hari Nagar to her workplace in a Blueline bus, driven by Singh. As Singh used to stare at her, she had stopped travelling in his bus, suspecting his intentions.