Khurshid accuses BJP of 'hypocrisy' on FDI issue

New Delhi: Seeking to turn the tables on the BJP on the FDI issue, Law Minister Salman Khurshid on Monday accused it of hypocrisy by first demanding it in the party manifesto and later opposing it.

"They (BJP) will have to account for what they have done by taking flip-flop positions and by indulging in hypocrisy. They said one thing in their own manifesto and they say something here," he said.

Referring to reservations expressed by UPA partners, especially the Trinamool Congress, Khurshid said the issue can always be settled through talks.

He also asserted that FDI in multi-brand retail was "good for the country" and it would happen someday as "this is what the world is looking at and India is not going to isolate itself behind huge barriers of insecurity..."

The minister said if the government is trying to do something good and "some people stand in the way" then it should be a setback for them instead.