‘Amarmani Tripathi VCD not shot in Haridwar jail’

Dehra Dun: The Uttarakhand government on Tuesday said the video CD showing former Uttar Pradesh minister Amarmani Tripathi appealing to his supporters to vote for him and the Samajwadi Party in the upcoming UP assembly polls was not shot in the Haridwar jail where he is currently lodged.

Uttarakhand Jail Minister Rajendra Bhandari said he had enquired with prison officials after such reports came to his knowledge and he was told that the VCD was not shot in the Haridwar jail.

"In fact, shooting of such a video is not possible inside our jail," he said.

The CD might have been prepared in some other jail outside the state, the minister said.

The VCD has reportedly been circulated in various cities of Uttar Pradesh in which Tripathi has been shown asking his supporters to vote for him and the SP in next year's assembly elections in the state.

Tripathi is serving life term in the poetess Madhumita Shukla case and is currently lodged in Haridwar jail.