Fire-ravaged AMRI Hospital wears haunted look

Kolkata: An almost deserted AMRI Hospital, where more than 90 people have died in a devastating fire, wore a haunted look on Sunday as only a few patients remained at the facility.

Even as the annexe building, where the fire occurred, was sealed, there were only 18 patients at the unaffected main building, hospital sources said.

"At present there are only 18 patients at the main building, which has 182-bed capacity," the sources said.

While no new admission has been made since Friday's gruesome incident, most of the patients have been shifted to other hospitals in the city.

The deathly silence inside the hospital was broken only by the shrill ringing of bell by a fire tender.

Smoke was seen emanating from some parts of the debris and water jet from a fire tender was used to douse that, fire brigade officials said.

Hospital sources said that doctors and nurses were attending to the patients in the ITU and wards which were functioning properly.

However, operations were not being carried out as the old block did not have heart care or cathlab facilities.

Several people, however, gathered outside the hospital and placed wreaths and lit candles to pay respect to the hapless patients who died inhaling the poisonous smoke from the fire in the basement of the centrally-airconditioned seven-storied annexe building of the multi-speciality hospital.

A silent procession was taken out in the evening from in front of the hospital to pay respect to the dead and to protest the deaths of so many patients.

Actors from Tollywood and law school students took part in the procession holding candles from AMRI Hospital to nearby Ramakrishna Mission headquarters in front of which the candles were placed.