PDP for SAC's independent investigation wing

Jammu: The PDP on Thursday said the State Accountability Commission, the highest anti-corruption body in Jammu and Kashmir, should have its independent investigation wing.

"SAC should be provided with its own independent probe wing so that corruption cases can be investigated independent of government interference in Jammu and Kashmir," PDP patron Mufti Mohammed Sayeed said at a public meeting here.

Officers of proved merit and integrity be appointed in this investigation wing, he said, adding that there was a pressing need for strengthening institutions of SAC and Vigilance Organisation.

Mufti said one of the ways could be transferring the administrative control of the Vigilance Organisation to SAC so that it could remain free of political influence.

He said his government had established the SAC in 2003 with the objective of curbing corruption in high places.

"The institution was equivalent to the proposed Lokpal and brought even the Chief Minister under its purview. Though it had started well but, unfortunately, the present government had made it completely defunct for more than two years and in the process the commission suffered a credibility crisis," Mufti alleged.

This has resulted in complete breakdown of accountability and administrative scrutiny in government departments, he said, adding that corrupt elements in politics and administration are having a field day in absence of any curbs or checks.