Par panel approves MPLAD funds for SC/STs on slums

New Delhi: A Parliamentary Committee on MPs Local Area Development Scheme has recommended that MPLAD funds earmarked for SC/ST areas may be utilised for slums or other such deprived areas in towns and cities since housing was a major problem there.

The Lok Sabha Committee on MPs Local Area Development Scheme (2111-12) headed by A K S Vijayan, presented its report to the Lok Sabha today on "Development of SC/ST areas through MPLADS funds", recommended that MPLADS funds be utilised according to the SC/ST population in constituencies.

Where there are difficulties in identifying definite pockets of SCs and STs, construction of cluster of houses may be permitted under the scheme in slums or other such deprived areas, the Committee recommended in view of the fact of housing being a major problem in slums.

The Committee also recommended that a database of identified works be made available on the website of MPLADS by nodal departments of states and district authorities in identifying the works recommended under the scheme.