'Harassed' BSP MP was looking for missing mobile

New Delhi: BSP MP Ramashankar Rajbhar, who was allegedly manhandled by Special Protection Group personnel in Parliament on Wednesday, claimed he was trying to locate his missing mobile phone when a security official shoved and abused him.

"My mobile phone had fallen somewhere...so in an attempt to retrace my phone I was making calls at the number from the lobby. Suddenly, a SPG official appeared and he snatched the phone from which I was making the call from my hands," Rajbhar told reporters.

"Then that person pushed me and also used abusive language. Then I saw that the Prime Minister was approaching and I stood at one side," Rajbhar said.

"We can tolerate hunger but we can tolerate insults," the Lok Sabha MP from Salempur in Uttar Pradesh, said.

Following Rajbhar's claims there had been an uproar in the Lok Sabha and the government through Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee also had to apologise to the angry Members of Parliament.