Six Indians in Nepalese Maoists' PLA

Kathmandu: Six Indians, including a woman, found their way into the Nepalese Maoists' People's Liberation Army and were even verified by the United Nations' Mission here, a media report has said, triggering serious concerns about the credibility of the verification process.

They were among the 19,602 Maoist combatants verified by the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) in 2007, 'The Kathmandu Post' reported.

Four of them were verified during the regrouping of the Maoist combatants while two were verified at the First Division in Ilam district by the UNMIN, the daily reported, quoting sources at the Army Integration Special Committee.

Four of the six Indians had already filled up survey forms last month at the Third Division headquarters of the Maoist combatants in Chitwan.

They were identified as Panalal Kumar Chaudhary and Bhola Chaudhary from Motihari in Bihar and Amar Subba and woman combatant Chanda Limbu from Darjeeling in West Bengal and Sikkim respectively, the report said.

Panalal, Bhola and Chanda were registered under Kalyan Anish Memorial Brigade of the Maoist army by UNMIN in 2007, while Subba was registered under Bethan Memorial Brigade.

Panalal, 23, was recruited into the Maoist Army in June 2005 and has been listed as section vice-commander of the Maoists' PLA. Bhola Chaudhary alias "Danger", 16, was also recruited into the Maoist army in May 2005 and he too has been given the responsibility of section vice-commander.

Company commander Subba, 35, is the senior ranking combatant among the four participating in the regrouping process. He had joined the PLA in 2003.

The woman combatant Chanda alias Dibya, 24, from Sikkim was recruited into the PLA in 2005.

Of the four, Chanda opted for integration during the regrouping process.

"We cannot provide options offered by the Special Committee to the combatants who are not Nepali nationals," said the main opposition Nepali Congress leader and Special Committee member Ram Sharan Mahat.

He said the registration of the Indian nationals as PLA cadre has raised serious question regarding the credibility of the verification process carried out by UNMIN.