CPI for alternate coalition at Centre

Hyderabad: Maintaining that the people of the country are discontented with both the ruling UPA and the NDA, the CPI on Monday hoped that an alternative coalition would emerge in the future.

"People are quite discontented with the UPA. They would like to see the end of the UPA. There is no possibility of UPA-3. They are not fascinated with the BJP or NDA either. I think as against both UPA and NDA, people are looking ahead and hoping for an alternative to emerge," CPI general secretary A B Bardhan said here today.

"We the Left will try to forge such an alternative through struggles and people's movements. We are not mechanically thinking in terms of a so-called Third Front which generally is supposed to be a meeting of party leaders to sort out and adjust seats. We don't think that creates credibility.

"But fighting together on issues like corruption, economic policies, agrarian crisis, I hope is giving rise to a situation where a real and Left alternative can emerge. I am not sure about it immediately. I am not predicting that it will emerge," he said.

The emergence of a Left-oriented alternative is a process which will take time, said the CPI leader, who is here to attend the National Council meetings of the party.=