Maharashtra govt amends Development Control Rules

Mumbai: Maharashtra Government on Tuesday announced amendments in the Development Control Rules (DCR) of Mumbai, which it said, was in the interest of property buyers in the megapolis.

Addressing a press conference before the election code of conduct for 10 municipal corporations, including Mumbai, and 27 zilla parishads, came into force, Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan said that the amendments would not only establish a level-playing field for developers, but also reduce arbitrary decision making.

"It will bring an element of certainty among investors and will lead to reduction in property prices," he said.

Under the new DCR, areas of balcony, flower-beds, terraces, voids, niches would be counted in the FSI. To compensate for this loss of free of FSI areas, the government has allowed compensatory fungible FSI to the extent of 35 per cent for residential development and 20 per cent for industrial and commercial development.

Fungible FSI is usable like any other FSI. It can be used for making flower-beds, voids or for constructing bigger habitable areas.

Explaining the highlights of the DCR amendments, the chief minister said that no premium would be charged for fungible FSI to be used for rehabilitation component under re-development of cessed buildings under 33 (7) and 33 (9). In suburbs, where buildings are not cessed, the fungible FSI on the FSI already consumed in the existing buildings, will be available free of premium.

This will help The Maharashtra Housing Area Development Authority (MHADA) developments as also the regular proposals for the re-development of the existing buildings using TDR in suburbs, he added.

Chavan said parking will be available not only according to the provisions of the DCR, but 25 per cent more at the option of the developer. "This will be without premium and without being counted in the FSI,"He added.

Open space requirements for development of small plots under 33 (7), which is re-development of cessed buildings has been relaxed. The requirement under the new rules will only be 1.5 meters open space on all sides of the plot measuring 600 sq meters or less.

This relaxation will be available for the development of small plots under 33 (10), he added.

Requirement of two staircases for buildings above 24 meters has been relaxed for buildings up to 70 meters of height and in case the floor plate of buildings is less than 500 meters. Restrictions on the number of basements for parking has been removed.

Reconstruction, based on the percentage of the area, where loft can be constructed in a room, has been done away with. For buildings above 70 meters, provision has been made for emergency evacuation device and also construction of fire check floor, to stop spread of fire on other floors.

Reduction of floor height in residential flats and shops from 4.2 meter to 3.9 meter, will eliminate the need to inspect illegal mezzanine floors, he added.

Chavan said, balcony was free till now and could only be given on cantilever projection under the DC regulation. There have been cases, where balcony has been made without cantilever projection in the past by violating the FSI rules.

Keeping in view that the balcony was being given free of premium, the government has reduced the rates of premium on fungible FSI to 60 per cent of the ready reckoner rate, he added.