'Wrong approach adopted in Food Security Bill'

Chennai: Calling for an inclusive economic growth, former Central Vigilance Commissioner N Vittal on Saturday said the Centre has adopted a "wrong approach" in preparing the proposed Food Security Bill.

"There is a great tamasha happening about the proposed Food Security Bill... if you are giving a fish to a man he will be happy for that day.. but the real happiness is to teach him how to get fish everyday.. the Bill talks about giving fish to him every day..It is a wrong approach..", Vittal said in his inaugural address at a seminar on "Twenty Years of India's Liberalisation".

He also stressed the need for an "inclusive growth". Taking a dig at the freebies offered by the Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu, he said due to freebies wealth was not created in the economy affecting the country's growth.

"The freebie culture has led to a total distortion.. With freebies how can you create wealth in an economy? For the growth of economy, wealth has to be created...", he said.

In May 2011, both AIADMK and DMK assured of providing free laptops and colour television sets and free rice as part of their poll promise.

However, after assuming office, AIADMK alloted Rs 10,200 crore alone for the free distribution of laptops to school and college students spread over the next five years.

Claiming that the liberalisation during the 90s addressed only certain macro-economic crisis, Former Finance Secretary C Ramachandran said there was need to create wealth in order to various issues including to eradicate poverty.

Noting that India did not tackle a number of areas which has to be reformed, he said, "what we need is a regulatory reform, overhauling of electoral reform, greater concentration on areas of health, water supply and also in Law and Order". He said the success of reforms depended upon its speedy implementation.