Son identifies Bhanwari's wrist watch, ear ring

Jodhpur: A day after the CBI recovered body remains and valuables allegedly belonging to missing nurse Bhanwari Devi, her son on Sunday identified wrist watch and an ear ring.

The CBI had yesterday recovered key evidences including watch, jewellery parts and body remains allegedly belonging to Bhanwari from Rajiv Gandhi canal near here.

Sources in the agency had claimed that the items could prove crucial in cracking the mysterious death of the 36-year-old woman.

Bhanwari's son Sahil was called by the CBI to identify these objects. "He has identified the wrist watch and ear ring," confirmed a source.

The identification of Bahnwari's belongings by the son has corroborated the statement of one of the main accused, Kailash Jakhar, who had said that he had thrown Bhanwari's belongings in the canal.

A Central Scientific Forensic Laboratory (CSFL) team is accompanying the CBI in collecting evidence.

The CBI had also recovered some cloths belonging to Kailash Jakhar, which have been sent to CFSL for forensic examination.

A team of forensic experts also re-visited the SUV, Scorpio, of Jakhar, which was reportedly used by the accused to take Bhanwari's body to Jaloda for final disposal.

"Some pieces of the seats and cover have been taken by CFSL from this car," told a source.

These pieces will be tested for the remains of blood on them.

Now, according to sources, the CBI may record statements of one of the three accused the gang members before magistrate.

Before this, the CBI had recorded statements of Farookh, Amarchand and Sahi Ram.