After HC blow on Lokayukta, Modi targets UPA govt

Valsad: Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday remained unfazed by the Gujarat High Court rap over Lokayukta appointment and trained his guns on Centre, accusing it of misusing Constitutional offices like that of Governor to "destroy" the state's public life.

Modi also said that Gujarat will not bow before "Delhi Sultanate".

"Use all Constitutional bodies against us, use all Constitutional posts against us, and please see you do not get late in using them," he said addressing a gathering after his day-long 'Sadbhavna Mission' fast in this South Gujarat town.

"This Delhi Sultanate should listen carefully, Gujarat will never perform 'mujara' (paid dance) in Delhi 'Darbar'. Do whatever you can. Those days (of dependence on Centre for funds) are gone. We are not a bankrupt state," the BJP stalwart thundered.

"The problem is that people of Gujarat have not given anything to Congress for the last so many years, and that is the reason they (Congress leaders) are targeting me."

"I tell people of Gujarat to continue not giving anything to Congress. Till we have blessings of six crore people of Gujarat, nobody can defeat us," Modi said.

He alleged the Centre was misusing Constitutional offices like that of Governor to "destroy public life of Gujarat".

Modi's attack on the Centre came a day after Justice V M Sahai rejected the state's plea on the Lokayukta issue yesterday to give a 2-1 verdict in a setback to him.

Justice Sahai had severely criticised Modi and said the "pranks" played by the Chief Minister on the Lokayukta issue "demonstrates destruction of our democracy".

The judge also described Modi's refusal to accept Justice(retd) R A Mehta's appointment as advised by the Gujarat High Court Chief Justice as "spiteful and challenging", saying the action demonstrated a "false sense of invincibility" on his part.

The Lokayukta issue landed in the court after Governor Kamla appointed Justice (retd) R A Mehta as head of the anti- corruption body in August last year by "bypassing the State Government".