Nursery admission: Kids without 'extra' pts fail to make cut

New Delhi: As a number of schools in Delhi have come out with their first list of selected candidates for nursery, it seems the kids without receiving points either under sibling or alumni criteria have almost failed to make any cut, at least for now.

While the trend suggests that only children with points in sibling or alumni category have managed to come successful in the first list, parents allege that the selection process in many schools has been very confusing and non-transparent.

In its first list, a top school in South Delhi has selected 69 students having points ranging from 85 to 65. As per its criteria available on its website, the school has alloted 30 points for sibling, 20 for alumni, 30 points for neighbourhood, and 5 points each for children with special needs, first child or single parent.

"This suggests that a child without getting points either in sibling or alumni category cannot get more than 50 points.

And the results show the school has given preference only to the kids who fulfil one of the two criteria," says a parent whose child failed to make a cut in the first list.

"If the trend continues, I am not very much hopeful that my child would get selected in future too," she says, wishing not to be named.

The first lists of other schools also tell the same story and some have not even disclosed the points awarded to the selected students, which experts describe as an "elbow room" for future manipulation by the schools.

"The schools that have disclosed alloted points are at least transparent enough to admit that they prefer kids with sibling or of alumnus. But, those have only asked parents to come for document verification may have created an elbow room for themselves to manipulate," says Sumit Vohra, founder of

Another reputed school at Tito Marg has given 30 points each for sibling, transfer case and neighbourhood to students selected in the first list.