US delivers 3 F-16s to Pakistan

US delivers 3 F-16s to Pakistan Islamabad: The US on Monday delivered three F-16 aircraft to Pakistan, including a new jet and two that were returned after being refurbished.

The new F-16 D Block 52 jet and two F-16 Block 15 jets that had undergone a mid-life upgrade arrived at the Shahbaz airbase from the US, a Pakistan Air Force spokesman said.

The arrival of the F-16 D Block 52 jet marked the completion of delivery of 18 new aircraft ordered by Pakistan.

The other two aircraft were earlier sent to the US for a mid-life upgrade and were delivered to the PAF on time, the spokesman said.

To commemorate the event, a ceremony was held at Shahbaz airbase.

The F-16 D Block 52 aircraft is a combat jet equipped with an advanced avionics suite and weapons with "night precision attack" capability, the spokesman said.