MDP welcomes India's intervention; says is grateful

MDP welcomes India`s intervention; says is grateful Male: The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) of ousted president Mohammed Nasheed on Thursday welcomed India's diplomatic efforts that could end the current political impasse here and lead to early elections.

"It has been a positive movement, a forward movement. India's role was very much important in ensuring that political and democratic process is on," the then Special Envoy to Nasheed said.

"We are grateful to India for the timely intervention," he added.

Asked if the MDP will go ahead with its grand rally tomorrow, he said, "It will not be called a rally. It will be a meeting. It will have specific time period and will be very peaceful."

While the current regime was talking of polls only in 2013 as scheduled, the new government led by President Mohammed Waheed Hassan appears to have changed its strategy following hectic parleys that Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai had with all stakeholders here including Nasheed.

Mathai said India's understanding was that elections "would be held as early as considered feasible by all concerned".

Asked if India backs an early election, the primary demand of ousted President Nasheed, Mathai said, "Timing has to be decided in an all party conference."

Maldives was hit by deepening political crisis last week when Nasheed resigned and later claimed that he was forced to quit.

A new regime led by his then Vice President Mohammed Waheed Hassan took over.