Ex-Mossad chief now a Swiss-based consultant

Ex-Mossad chief now a Swiss-based consultant Jerusalem: Israel's former spymaster has taken a job at a Swiss-based company that gathers intelligence for governments and businesses.

Meir Dagan, the retired director of Israel's Mossad espionage agency, has accepted a post as a senior adviser at Arcanum, which works with energy, defence and aerospace industries worldwide.

Company spokeswoman Yael Hartmann said yesterday that Dagan will be working with the firm on an "as-needed" basis, travelling between offices in Zurich, London and Washington. She gave no further details on his responsibilities.

The company has a branch in Dubai. Hartmann could not confirm whether Dagan would travel there.

Foreign agents assassinated a Hamas official in Dubai in 2010, in what is suspected to have been a Mossad operation under Dagan's direction.