Screen 'Kitty Porn' in K’taka Assembly: PETA

New Delhi: Animal rights organisation PETA Monday wrote a letter to the Karnataka Assembly speaker urging him to screen "Kitty Porn" video in the house, to garner support of legislators for sterlisation of stray cats and dogs.

"We have sent a letter to KG Bopaiah, speaker of the Karnataka assembly, urging him to show PETA India's 'Kitty Porn' video to the entire assembly to spur support for sterlisation of cats and dogs," said Poorva Joshipura, chief functionary of PETA India.

The video shows animatronic cats in the act of making kittens to focus attention on the vital need to sterilise all cats and dogs.

The letter from PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals)comes on the heels of the resignations of three ministers, who were exposed for viewing pornographic material on one of the minister's mobile phones earlier this month.

"Unlike the ministers, who were watching porn simply to get off, watching PETA's 'Kitty Porn' video could help get tens of thousands cats and dogs off the streets. The lives of unwanted cats and dogs, who roam the streets or languish in shelters are no lives at all, and sterilisation is the only answer," said Joshipura.

According to PETA, showing the video in the assembly would spark discussion about India's animal homelessness crisis, and would hopefully motivate many ministers to support sterilisation efforts for stray animals. It would also help to conduct awareness programmes to encourage Karnataka residents to sterilise their animal companions.