Verdict reached in Dharun's webcam suicide case

Verdict reached in Dharun`s webcam suicide case New York: Jurors deciding the fate of India- born Rutgers student Dharun Ravi, who has been accused of spying on his roommate's intimate encounter with another man on Friday reached a verdict in the high-profile trial.

Ravi, 20, is accused of invading the privacy of his Rutgers roommate Tyler Clementi when he used a webcam to watch Clementi kiss another man.

Ravi had then sent text messages to some of his other friends inviting them to watch the sexual encounter.

Ravi faces 15 counts of invasion of privacy and bias initimadation and could face 10 years in prison or possible deportation to India if convicted.

The verdict is expected to be announced shortly after jurors -- comprising five men and seven women aged between 20 to 70 years - deliberated for a total of about 11 hours over the last three days.

The case has generated immense international interest as it threw light on issues of cyber-bullying and treatment of young gays and lesbians.

Clementi committed suicide by jumping off the bridge linking New York City and New Jersey just days after the alleged spying in September 2010.

After hearing testimony from over 30 witnesses over 12 days, the jury began its deliberations on Wednesday.

Ravi did not take the witness stand in his defence. The jury has now deliberated for nearly 10 hours over two days. The New Jersey court-room has been packed with a large media contingent throughout the trial.

Reporters thronged the lobby of the courthouse as they waited for a verdict from the jury. Members of families of both Ravi and Clementi have been present in the court daily.

The prosecution has argued that Ravi was not comfortable with having a gay roommate and his actions were "criminal."