‘Not opposition, UPA itself raised snap poll issue

Hyderabad: Accusing the UPA government of failing on all fronts, BJP leader M Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday said the talk of mid-term polls has been raised by the ruling combination itself and not by the opposition.

"This (UPA) government is losing confidence of the nation, certainly the Opposition and of course the allies too...because the leadership has too many power centres. The Congress party has violated the coalition 'dharma' while breaking the trust of allies," the former BJP president told reporters here.

Claiming that all was not well with the UPA government, Venkaiah said the recent developments have shown that this government has failed on all fronts and pointed out that a minister from Uttarakhand had put down his papers, while Railway Minister's (Dinesh Trivedi) resignation is being sought.

"The ruling party members create disturbance in Parliament and the foundation of this government is being shaken brick by brick. The talk of mid-term poll has not come from the opposition but the ruling combination itself," he said, adding that the saffron party was not seeking the snap polls though it was ready to face it.

The BJP leader also termed the Union Budget as "anti-poor, inflationary and anti-farmer which will only fuel price rise further".