‘Emergence of regional parties good for democracy’

Samba: Emergence of regional parties in the recent Assembly polls is a positive trend towards development of genuine political federalism in the country, PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed said on Sunday.

"Emergence of regional parties in the recent elections has shown that there are strong regional aspirations and these aspirations are also getting adequate representation.

The recent developments are good sign for federal structure of the country," Sayeed said while addressing a public meeting at Samba today.

He, however, said that besides accommodating regional aspirations, the national issues like the Kashmir problem should be in focus. "In the new perspective, the vital national issue like Jammu and Kashmir should not loose its relevance," he said.

"All sections of political opinion have to lend a helping hand in the process of resolving the Kashmir issue," he said and made an appeal to the emerged regional forces in the country to evolve consensus to solve national issues like the Kashmir problem.