Goa to revamp police force, to scrap Regional Plan

Panaji: The newly elected Goa government is committed to revamp the police department to crack down on the drug mafia, state Governor K Sankarnarayanan said on Tuesday.

He also announced that the controversial Regional Plan 2021 would be scraped.

"My government is committed to improve crime detection rate and revamp the whole police department in order to crack down on drug mafia," the Governor said while addressing the first session of the newly elected legislative assembly today.

He said that the government will go to any extent to ensure safety and peace for every Goan.

"No FIR will be refused though this may distort the statistics to apparent disadvantage of the government in short time frame," he said.

The new government in Goa has also decided to scrap the controversial Regional Plan, a land use document.

The Governor said that the state government would denotify the Regional Plan 2021 and formulate a new one in consultation with all stakeholders.

"My government firmly believes in grass-root planning and participation of people in all development activities of the state," the Governor said.

RP 2021 had raised controversy after civil society activists termed the plan as 'robbery of the state?s resources'.