Afghan intelligence denies torture on prisoners

Kabul: Afghanistan's top intelligence agency on Tuesday dismissed as "baseless" the findings by an independent human rights commission which alleged cases of abuses and torturing of prisoners in detention centers in the country.

Afghanistan's Human Rights Commission yesterday said that torture in Afghan prisons is more widespread than previously thought and alleged that detainees arrested by US troops have been tortured after being transferred to Afghan custody.

"We strongly reject this report and its allegations are baseless," said a statement released by the National Directorate of Security (NDS) or Afghan intelligence service.

"Our studies and information show that the findings by the AHRC are not correct and we can proof that they are baseless allegations," the statement said.

The AHRC report said their findings shows that there are evidence that abuse including beating of prisoners and cases of electric shocks in one of the 16 prisons of intelligence service in southern province of Kandahar.

"Our investigators gathered information of at least 10 credible allegations of abuse in Kandahar prison belonging to NDS in January 2012," the AHRC report said.

The National Directorate of Security, however, said that most of the allegations are not from the trusted sources but mostly the finding are based on the interviews carried out from the different unknown sources.