CPM's talk of "Indian socialism" a confession: RSS

Thiruvananthapuram: Taking a dig at the CPI-M, RSS ideologue P Parameswaran On Wednesday said the party's talk of the need to evolve an Indian path to socialism amounted to confessing that the Indian Communist movement had so far followed Russian or Chinese models.

The debate on Indian socialism also exposed the ideological crisis and helplessness of the Communists as Russia and China had shed socialism and opted for the capitalist path, Parameswaran, director of pro-RSS Bharatiya Vichara Kendram, said in a statement here.

He was reacting to a recent statement made by CPI(M) polit bureau member S Ramachandran Pillai in the context of the ideological questions to be taken up at the party's 21st congress to be held in Kozhikode next month.

"This talk of Indian socialism is an open confession that the Communist party in India has never been Indian ideologically.

The Indian Communist party has just been an offshoot of Russian or Chinese party. Now that Russia and China have chosen to tread the capitalist road, the Indian Communists are forced to talk about Indian socialism out of their helplessness", he said.

On Communist leaders' rejection as "irrelevant" Pope Benedict's statement that Communist had become outdated, Parameswaran said the Communist should keep in mind that the head of Catholic church would not have aired such a view without some specific purpose.

Significantly, the Pope had made this statement on the eve of his visit to Cuba. After all, it was his predecessor Pope John Paul who drove the first nail on the coffin of Communism which led to the collapse of the socialist block in Eastern Europe, Parameswaran said.