Par panel questions DDA's monitoring of CWG flats

New Delhi: A Parliamentary panel has questioned the construction of extra residential flats at the Commonwealth Games Village even when Delhi Development Authority (DDA) officials had been monitoring the entire progress of the project.

In its 17th report, the Standing Committee on Urban Development also expressed dissatisfaction with the DDA allotment of the CWG Village construction contract to a private developer who "was not financially strong".

The Parliamentary panel said that during the construction of the residential complex for the Games, the progress of each tower was monitored on a real time basis by the DDA.

"The Committee are at a loss to understand as to why despite such an effective mechanism being put in place, the complex could not be completed in time," the report said.

"The Ministry's claim of sound monitoring sounded hollow when the Ministry of Urban Development itself acknowledged that the project developer had constructed extra residential units," the Panel said in its report.

The panel said that it was of the opinion that there "was deep rooted involvement of the officials in awarding the contract."