NRI honeymoon murder: New facts raise doubts

NRI honeymoon murder: New facts raise doubts London: New CCTV footage has raised doubts over the claims made by investigators against Indian-origin British businessman Shrien Dewani's role in the murder of his wife while on honeymoon in South Africa in 2010.

The new footage obtained by the BBC video shows Shrien and Anni Dewani kissing hours before the murder and raises questions about the credibility of a key witness who is also filmed.

Details of the new evidence are scheduled to be telecast on the BBC's Panorama programme tonight. South African authorities have named Dewani as a suspect in Anni's murder in November 2010 and have applied for his extradition.

Bristol-based Dewani, who denies any involvement, has appealed against his extradition. A decision is expected in the High Court on Friday.

Taxi driver Zola Tongo, who has admitted his part in the murder, claims that he was hired by Dewani to arrange his wife's execution during a fake car-jacking, the BBC said and adding that the CCTV footage calls into question Tongo's version of events.

Anni's family said if Shrien were innocent as he claims, he should travel to South Africa and answer investigators' questions.

"If he is innocent, the court will show that and if he's not then he should pay for what he's done," Anni Dewani's sister Ami Denborg told the BBC.