CAG raps Guj for failure to comply with rules, procedures

New Delhi: Picking holes in the functioning of the Gujarat Government, a CAG report has said that the state's compliance with various rules and procedures was "unsatisfactory" and its budgetary control "inadequate".

The report of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG), which was tabled in the state assembly on Friday, has also rapped the state government for its failure to formulate sports policy and promote planned usage of water resources.

"The state government's compliance with various rules, procedures and directives was unsatisfactory, which was evident from the delays in furnishing utilisation certificates against the loans and grants paid to various grantee institutions", the report said.

It pointed out that there was delay in submission of annual accounts of 22 out of 25 autonomous bodies. "In respect of two autonomous bodies, the delay was of over four years", the report added.

In 19 cases, the report said, as against the savings of Rs 1,444.05 crore, the amount of surrender was Rs 2,045.74 crore, resulting in excess surrender of Rs 601.69 crore, "indicating inadequate budgetary control."

Referring to the issues connected with sports, the report said, "the state government had not framed any Sports Policy and training to sportsmen was imparted on the basis of National Calender of School Games Federation of India.

"Coaches were deployed for administrative duties; deployment of coaches was not with reference to the facilities created. Sports Hostels were either not operational or intake was much less than their capacity", it said.

The CAG report further said that the Gujarat government has not been able to formulate any water policy specific to the state.

The National River Conservation Plan, it said, "was implemented, but without conducting study on the level of pollution at the point of discharge. Out of 170 Urban Local Bodies, 158 had not established sewage treatment plants. Four major rivers were not selected for cleaning. Monitoring of the Sabarmati River Cleaning Projects was not adequate."

The report also said that there was persistent shortfalls in achieving annual plans for distribution of surplus land taken over by the state government.

"Surplus land of 15,587 acres taken over by the Government was not distributed among the needy. Delays of one month to six months were noticed in 71 per cent applications for changes in land records", it said.

Moreover, the report added, the Revenue Department failed to utilise Rs 71.18 crore meant for strengthening of administration and updating of land records.