Russia assails US ambassador

Russia assails US ambassador Moscow: Russia's Foreign Ministry has harshly criticised the US ambassador for his remarks at a meeting with students, accusing him of breaking diplomatic etiquette and misrepresenting Moscow's foreign policy.

The ministry's attack on Michael McFaul follows negative coverage given to him by state-run television stations.

The ministry on Monday targeted McFaul for saying that Russia had offered money to the leader of Kyrgyzstan for removing a US base from its soil, saying his description of this and other issues was "deliberately distortedā€¯.

The ministry also accused McFaul of misrepresenting Russia's stance on such issues as the Iranian nuclear standoff and North Korea's nuclear programme.

Asked about the attack on his Twitter, McFaul avoided responding directly, saying he is "still learning the craft of speaking more diplomaticallyā€¯.