Armenian President dissolves government

Armenian President dissolves government Moscow: Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan Thursday signed a decree to dissolve government following the election of a new parliament. The dissolution followed the first session of the newly-elected parliament earlier in the day, Armenian media reported.

The proposal for the cabinet's resignation was submitted to the president by Prime Minister Tigran Sarkisyan in line with the country's Constitution which stipulates formation of a new government after parliamentary elections.

Eight parties and one party alliance ran in Armenia's May 6 parliamentary elections, with the Republican Party of Armenia eventually winning by gaining 44.05 percent of the vote. It won majority of the seats in the country's 131-seat parliament.

The Armenian president has now 10 days to name the new prime minister and endorse other new ministers. The current cabinet will continue in a caretaker role until then.

Opposition leaders had contested the results of the May 6 elections and submitted a motion with the Supreme Court of Armenia, but the court rejected it Thursday ruling that the results were fair.