Won't let any 'group' dominate Egypt: Army Chief Tantawi

Won`t let any `group` dominate Egypt: Army Chief Tantawi Cairo: Egypt's top general has raised the stakes in the military's political standoff with the Muslim Brotherhood, saying the armed forces will not allow a "certain group" to dominate the country.

Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi did not mention a specific organisation, but his comments today in the city of Ismalia were clearly referring to President Mohammed Mursi's Brotherhood.

Tantawi is the most senior of the generals who took power after last year's popular uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak. They handed over power to Mursi last month, but first issued a decree ensuring the army retained key powers and stripping the president of others.

Mursi last week defied the military when he revoked a decree by the generals to dissolve the Brotherhood-dominated parliament on the basis of a June 14 court verdict.