Pro-Hindutva govt needed for temple at Ayodhya: Singhal

Ayodhya: A pro-Hindutva government at the Centre in 2014 alone can pave the way for construction of a temple in Ayodhya, Vishwa Hindu Parishad patron Ashok Singhal Monday said.

Singhal said appeasement of a section of people was the biggest hurdle in the way of construction of the temple.

He alleged that from time to time in a bid to appease a section of people the governments hatch conspiracies.

He said that there was a need to curb such forces and it would only be possible when 100 crore Hindus form a vote bank for their faith and honour.

Singhal alleged that due to the inconsistent policy of the Centre, Pakistan was destabilising the country by infiltration through Bangladesh and east.