Manohar Parrikar can't judge Supreme Court: Congress

Panaji: The Congress on Thursday condemned Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar's statement objecting to a Supreme Court ruling that has resulted in a ban on mining in Goa following a Rs 35,000 crore scam.

Congress spokesperson and member of the Congress legislative party (CLP) Reginaldo Lourenco told reporters that a central government team should be appointed to probe Goa's illegal mining scam, losses from which were pegged at Rs 35,000 crore by a judicial commission appointed by the union ministry for mines.

"The CM has no right to pass judgement on Supreme Court rulings. The Congress condemns this," Lourenco said.

At a function Wednesday night, Parrikar said he had "strong objections" to the Supreme Court rulings which create a "mess".

"I have strong objections to the court ruling like this. They have created a mess. In situations like this, it is the governments that have to deliver," Parrikar said, taking objection to a statement by a local activist who had said that the Supreme Court had to put a stop to illegal mining in Goa.