‘China moving on new path to democracy’

Beijing: China is striding steadily forward along the new path to democracy, said a state-run Chinese daily Saturday, the third day of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

What is the path to achieve democracy, asked an article in People's Daily.

"Many developing countries are exploring, and many actively or passively become the 'guinea pigs' of the Western democratic system, resulting in political instability, economic stagnation, and widespread poverty.

"A series of harsh reality tell us that it is a sign of maturity of a country to independently choose a new path to democracy that suits their national conditions," it said.

The National Congress, which began here Thursday, will witness a once-in-a-decade leadership change.

The daily said that on China's new path to democracy, "we want peaceful and stable democratic politics and do not want repeated violence or social unrest; we want unified and harmonious development of democracy and do not want national disruption or loose-sand-like disunity; we want prosperous development in the building of democracy and do not want economic stagnation or retrogression life."

We also want "clean government, transparent politics and do not want corrupted officials or deteriorated government...we do not want isolation or conservatism, or mechanical imitation," it added.

The article stressed that the path to democracy should embody Chinese characteristics and innovation.

It went on to say that "China is striding steadily forward along the new path to democracy."