Twitter apologises over porn on video sharing app

Twitter apologises over porn on video sharing app London: Micro blogging platform Twitter has issued an apology over a 'human error' that let hardcore pornography to be shown on the homepage of its new video sharing app, Vine.

The social network admitted that it mistakenly made the explicit video, which was tagged "porn" and "nsfwvine", an "editor's pick" on Monday, meaning users could view the x-rated clip without leaving the homepage.

Twitter said in a statement that 'a human error' resulted in a video with adult content becoming one of the videos in editor's picks.

After realising this mistake the firm removed the video immediately. We apologise to our users for the error, the company added.

The blunder heaped pressure on Twitter to explain how it will clean up the app, which is available free on Apple iPhones and has already been credited with inventing "microporn".

According to the paper, Vine videos that have been reported as inappropriate prompt users to 'tap to view' them, unlike all other clips which play automatically.

This, in theory, should help warn users about extreme content, although it is unlikely to satisfy parental groups on Internet safety, the paper said.

It is not known whether the editor's pick section of the Vine app is an automated feed or selected by people, it added.