India welcomes formation of interim govt in Nepal

New Delhi: India on Thursday welcomed the formation of the interim government in Nepal led by Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi and said polls are essential to consolidate the democratic gains made by that country.

"We commend the people of Nepal and the political parties representing them for finding a way out of the impasse of the past few months," an official statement released by the Ministry of External Affairs said.

The formation of the interim government comes at a critical juncture in Nepal's quest to hold constituent assembly-cum-parliament elections, which is essential to consolidate the democratic gains made by its people and institutionalise a strong multi-party democracy, it said.

India hoped that the interim government will move forward in the spirit of the political agreements reached, including with regard to the election.

"India stands behind the people of Nepal in their efforts to build a stable, democratic and prosperous country," the statement said, adding that the country will continue to extend all possible cooperation to the people and the Nepal government in accordance with their aspirations and priorities.

Chief Justice Regmi was today sworn-in as Nepal's new Prime Minister to head an interim government that will hold elections on June 21, ending months of political and constitutional crisis in the country.